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Rotary Action Group for Peace
Hong Kong & Macao Chapter

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About Us

About Us

  • 分部由一班國際扶輪3450地區成員所成立

  • 我們將期望連結RAGFP以及其他分部
    We are a link to RAGFP and other Chapters for international fellowship and service

  • We promote positive peace, share of know-how and commitment to peace


  • 動員參與及支援提倡和平訊息活動;

  • 教育及支持各扶輪社以深化社員集體和平力量

  • 支援國際Rotary Action Group For Peace,為推動和平發展作貢獻

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Grey Limbo


  • Formed in 2012 by a group of Rotarians


  • An International Group recognized by Rotary International

  • An Official entity that empowers and supports the peace work of Rotarians, Rotary clubs and Districts worldwide

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Positive Peace

8 Pillars of Positive Peace

Peace is much more than the absence of violence.
Positive Peace describes the attitudes, structures and institutions that underpin and sustain peaceful societies.

The eight pillars of Positive Peace:

  • Well-functioning government

  • Sound business environment

  • Equitable distribution of resources

  • Acceptance of the rights of others

  • Good relations with neighbours

  • Free flow of information

  • High levels of human capital and low levels of corruption.


Credit: Institute for Economics and Peace


Peace Programmes

Learning & Enablement


Youth Peace Programmes

RAGFP Peace School


The Peace Map shows fellow RAGFP members, Educational Institutions, Peace Organizations, Peace Projects, Rotary Peace Fellows, Rotary Peace Centers, and Rotary clubs worldwide.
Join us to connect with other RAGFP members in your district.

Your Club can become a Peacebuilder Club and be recognised in the Peace Map. 

 Contact Us


1206, C C Wu Building,

302-308 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, HK

WHATSAPP / TEL.+852 5288-4764

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