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Rotary Positive Peace Academy Online Course


On demand


On demand




12 lessons


On-demand video, exercises, and interactive content


Multilingual (50+)

Learn how to:

  • define Positive Peace

  • measure peace

  • implement it in the Positive Peace Academy

This course is for:

  • People interested in international affairs, politics, government and the world around them; and

  • peace and conflict professionals interested in learning about measuring peace and Positive Peace

Created by international think-tank the Institute for Economics & Peace, this free short course introduces the transformational framework Positive Peace. Learn how Positive Peace is associated with better performance on ecological sustainability, improved wellbeing, stronger GDP growth rates and better business outcomes.

The Positive Peace framework provides a proven and data-based platform for development and societal change. It is:

  • Underpinned by the 8 Pillars of Positive Peace

  • Derived from over 25,000 datasets

  • Endorsed by Governments and international NGOs

  • Holistic, delivering change across the whole of society

  • About building strengths, not focusing on deficiencies

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the definition of peace and how it is measured;

  • Understand the conceptual basis of Positive Peace;

  • Discover the importance of Positive Peace in the long term health and resilience of societies; and

  • Find out why high levels of Positive Peace lead to stronger resilience, better environmental outcomes, higher measures of wellbeing, better performance on development goals, and higher per capita income.

You will also learn from the Positive Peace implementation projects from around the world.

You will be given lifetime access to course so you can watch and retake it whenever you like.

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