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Opening remarks


Welcome and thank you for joining this special moment.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your concerted efforts to make this happen. Together we witness this historical moment of the launch of the first Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) Chapter in Asia.

We founded the Chapter because of our firm belief in what Rotary could represent. In these trying times, our community needs to be prepared to embrace the new normal. Rotary matters, and I believe this RAGFP Chapter has a unique and special place to help us to do just that.

The Chapter is outside the RI structure, and yet its values can manifest through collaboration with Clubs and District. In a broad sense, we are a service provider, helping Rotarians, Clubs and the District to come together and wage peace in earnest. As part of the RAGFP, we reach out internationally to other Chapters of RAGFP to support our common goals; to share good practices; to explore global grants and other collaboration opportunities.

At this moment, we gather here because we share this belief, the belief that Rotary can, and will help us bring peace in the increasingly complex world.

With your support in the initiative, we have the opportunity to build peace through education and sharing positive mindset in us, for us and for our future generations.

It is my privilege to work with all of you on this mission. Let us join together for a sustainable future.

PP Mitzi Leung


RAGFP Hong Kong & Macao Chapter

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