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Youth Peace Programmes

MUN workshop & Conference


  • For Secondary 2 to 5 students

  • To enhance their world knowledge and raise their interest in world issue

  • To establish building blocks of developing next generation of peace advocates


  • This project consists of 2 sections, a series of Training Workshops (within 8 weeks) and a Mentorship Programme (throughout the whole year).

  • The Training Workshops will be conducted by the speakers, who are well-experienced in the MUN. The first four workshops (#1-4) aim to let the participants to build up the basis skills and get known with the procedures in MUN. The final workshop (#5) will be a Mock Confernece to enable the participants to apply what they have learnt.

  • For the Mentorship Programme, it will run in a form of double delegations (1 Mentor with 1 participant) to offer advice to the participants even after the workshops.

Due to COVID-19. all activities will be conducted online.

If you are interested in the project, contact us for support.

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